Integrity through Design

We are a Branding Company and a Marketing Communication Company in Tampa Florida. We specialize in Corporate Branding, Product Branding, Website Branding, Package Design and other branded graphics. Every product brand needs a salesman to sell it. Why not put your best salesman right on the product? Unfortunately, the way a product brand communicates, looks on a shelf and connects with consumers’ emotions isn’t held in high regard by most companies and very little investment is made into this area. Business owners and marketing directors greatly underestimate the power and influence a well thought out brand and package design can have on consumers’ buying choices and the success of a product. A successful brand needs to touch the consumers’ hot buttons on an emotional level, differentiate itself from its competitors, and have a great story on why this is important to someone’s life. Our brand design firm makes that happen. Below is a few of the steps we go through and things we think about when taking on a brand design project:
Objective View: We look at every product from the consumers’ eyes and not the company’s eyes. Most of the time, businesses are almost handicapped by their perception of their product, because they know it too well. No matter how great you think your product is, a consumer still needs to be intrigued by it to pick it up.
Collaboration: We never assume to know anyone’s company. Everything we do is a collaborative effort between the client and us. The client knows his company the best. Our job is to learn about a company and expose its greatness to the consumer.
Message Communication: You have a split second. You messaging better be quick and show the benefits of your product.
Visual Communication: Let the overall design do most of the talking. Connect and evoke an emotional response from the consumer.
Aesthetics: Yes, prettier things attract more people, but you need to have a design and communication strategy, or you’ll just have a product with some window dressing on it.
Brand Transition: If you have an existing branding, there is a process that we go through to refresh the brand without losing your current clientele. This is just some brief information to give you some insight to whet your whistle. If you want learn more, give us a call. Below are the services we offer: Brand Positioning, Brand Design, Product Branding   Brand Naming Shelf Appeal Analysis, Social Media, Message Development, Brand Engagement User Experience Design, Graphic DesignWeb Design
We are fair but not cheap! If price is your main concern and the word “Cheap” is in your vocabulary, or you just want some quick logo design or package design slapped together, then we aren’t the design firm for you.
The client we want: We want a client that understands or is willing to be educated on the value of great brand design that visually communicates an idea to get people to BUY STUFF. If you have STUFF to sell and would like to hear more, feel free to call us; we don’t bite… (hard) and we don’t charge to gab. AIGA Member | American Institute of Graphic Arts | AIGA DFW | Graphic Design  | Web Design Package Design | Logo Design | Brochure Design