About Us

The best way to describe our design firm is to tell you about our founder, Tim Kim.

The name Tim Kim sounds a little unreal and sounds like a person from Asian descendants, but Tim is actually an Irish guy who grew up in a town near Boston.

When Tim married his wife, he changed his name from Timothy Meany, hence the name TM Media, to Timothy Kim. (Not once did anyone even ask what TM Media stood for, so Tim left it alone.)

Always looking at things in a new light, wanting to be different, and having a passionate love to break tradition, Tim thought, “why should my wife have to take my name? Who’s to say I can’t take hers? And since I’m in the branding industry, why not brand myself, because who in their right might is going to forget the name TIM KIM.”

Tim Kim started as a freelance designer back in the mid 90’s. Growing up in the North East and going to College in Boston, he evolved in the typical fast paced, outspoken, unfiltered, New England, City environment. Living in this environment, Tim adopted some good traits and not so good traits. We will of course leave the bad traits out of this and just let you use your imagination. Besides no one is perfect, and Tim will be the first to admit that.

His good traits have allowed him to speak his mind, not being afraid to tell business owners and executives what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. Tim is very direct with people, what you see is what you get. Tim knows that graphic design is about quick, direct communication and he handles everything in that fashion. Whether it is coming up with an idea for a new design or consulting a client, Tim doesn’t beat around the bush.

Here’s the Mother Teresa Bit:

Tim is very involved in the local Dallas community. He’s an official Motormen at the McKinney Transit Authority and volunteers driving the Antique Trolley a couple time a month in Uptown. He has been and continues to be involved in Environmental Ventures and Art Projects throughout the City of Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art.

He was a Big Brother for one year. He provides respite care for foster parents. He cooks for and feeds AIDS patients every month and helps out wherever else he can.