Having Balance in Branding and Communication

Screen Shot 2012-09-19 at 4.38.40 PMI woke up this morning, had a great breakfast, then it was time for my favorite ritual, making myself an Espresso Coffee with my other one love, my super duper Breville expresso machine,

But something tragic happened. I put some Organic Valley Cream in my coffee and felt repulsed as I went into sweetness shock. I’m not saying Organic Valley Cream is over powerful or bad, it was the fact that I’m not used to sweetener in my cream and I was totally unaware I bought French Vanilla Creamer.

This is an example of when branding unbalances and interrupts basic communication.

If you see the letters of where the “French Vanilla” is in the design, you can see its hard to miss and its a little washed out from the lighter background. They obvuously have had problems with this because they stamped in big red letters FRENCH VANILLA, but I still missed it because the cap of the container is covering it. It might not be hard to this shot, but put on a eye level shelf its easy to miss.

This is exactly why you can’t do what I call Over Branding Branding a design to the point where you are interfereing with some basic and nessasary communication.

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We’ve been awarded a new project from Adams Advisors

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been contracted to redesign and rebrand ADAMS Advisors’ current presentation media that includes branding projects, brochure and website.

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Communication on your Package Design

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 12.52.17 PMThe Hierarchy of Communication on Packaging.

Sometimes companies are so focused on the aesthetics of the package design they forget about basic communication. We discuss the hierarchy of communication in a package design in the video and below It’s a pretty simple concept. Please watch video and let us know what you think.

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We turn our site into an Arcade Game

arcade_graphic_design_lgSome of us remember the era when Atari Video Games were in the market, and you couldn’t go into any pizza shop or convenience store without seeing the presence of a free standing Arcade Game, like Asteroids, Space Invaders or Centipede.

Taking a fond look back at these past Arcade Games, you realize how user friendly these games needed to be to survive. These games needed people to feed them quarters, constantly.  To do this, the user interface needed to be graphically engaging and at the same time, simplistic in design, so any beginner could play the game and feel empowered to defend his planet from the old school, pixelated graphic aliens.

The lesson we can take back from this old school games is simplistic engagement. This is what we need in web design. Keep things simple, engaging and fun.

Below our the latest drafts of possible concepts for our upcoming re-design of our website.

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