Branding Wine. An insight into consumer emotions.

wine labelThis story is for any new or existing company that is about to brand or re-brand a product. I’m using wine products as an example here.

Wine branding is about the bottle and not about the wine. Sound harsh…?

Here’s why a wine’s branding and shelf appeal is actually worth more than the wine itself.

Blind taste testing of different competing wines and champagnes are conducted through out the year in many countries. With some of the tastings, they have had marketing, advertising and branding experts conduct little experiments and basically trick consumers taste buds. At a wine tasting they’ll purposely switched out some of the expensive French wines for some cheaper California wines, but they will stick the French labels on the bottles. What do you think happens next? You guessed it, the cheaper California wines, with the French labels start winning awards. In some cases, a 3.00 bottle of wine beats out a 200.00 bottle of French wine.

This is the result of the consumers human emotions at work and not their rational thinking, which is very rarely used in any purchase, believe it or not. After looking at the French Wine label, their, less rational emotions, told their taste buds to expect a wonderful, “two hundred dollars at bottle” wine experience, rather than expect the “three dollars a bottle” wine experience, they actually drank.

If this never happened and human emotions never had a role in choosing and buying products, then product branding, wine label branding, advertising, marketing and every other type of influential media would never be needed.

So next time you think about how wonderful your product is compared to the competition, make sure your product branding, package design and labeling shows how wonderful your product is.







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