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How important is your branding?

I do a short video on how import is your branding. This covers mainly corporate branding. I will post more videos and get into more specific on the different categories of branding for products, websites and professional services. Any questions … Continue reading

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What is Branding?

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.08.44 PM

This is a good video on Branding, but keep in mind, branding is not just for big companies. Branding and Design Strategy is for small and large companies and it’s not something that takes place later sometime down the road, … Continue reading

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Does color impact Brand?


Does your color choice impact your Brand? HELL YES!   Now if I said, HELL YES! using a light Green, it would not have had the same impact that Red had. Why?…… In our current time and culture, we have … Continue reading

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Olympic sponsors are taping over Urinals?

Blocking Urinal Logo

They are even covering up the logo of the company that makes the Urinals inĀ preparationĀ for the Olympic Games. Are Olympic sponsors, like Visa and McDonalds, going to far, when they tape over every brand name, logo and any other graphic … Continue reading

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Having Balance in Branding and Communication

I woke up this morning, had a great breakfast, then it was time for my favorite ritual, making myself an Espresso Coffee with my other one love, my super duper Breville expresso machine, But something tragic happened. I put some … Continue reading

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