Demoing yourself to Death

product demonstration womenI see too many companies flying all around the world, spending tons of money on traveling to demonstrate their products on people. They are either trying to spray something smelly on you or trying to stuff the millionth “All Natural Salsa” down your throat. This is nice for a product launch, but I literally see tons companies do this for years, relying on it as their sole way to market and distribute their product.

If they invested more than a few hundred dollars into their product branding they wouldn’t need to work so hard.

HERE IS A WAKE UP CALL for those companies.

Consider the following:

1. Your product branding is the story of your company.
It’s the thing that shows people, “Hey, I’m different and Special!

2. Your product brand can stay up and work longer than you can.
That’s right. Your product branding on your product or website is showing off and selling your product 24/7 and doesn’t even take off for Holidays.

3. Your product branding can sell better than you can and never has a bad hair day. If branded correctly with good messaging, and some significant investment into the graphic design and package design, your product branding could be your number one, top performing sales person for your entire company.

4. Your product is as wonderful as people perceive it to be. If you think your product is the best on the market and let’s just say for argument sake, it is, your product’s branding better tell that story, otherwise you will continue to chase people to get them to try your product for the rest of your life.


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