Does color impact Brand?

hotPepperDoes your color choice impact your Brand?



Now if I said, HELL YES! using a light Green, it would not have had the same impact that Red had. Why?…… In our current time and culture, we have adopted consciously and subconsciously that certain colors mean different things and evoke different emotions in all of us.


For instance, this shade of Red is commonly associated with the follow:

  • Hot
  • Love
  • Devil
  • Warning
  • Harm
  • and yes, HELL


Believe it or not, the color Red can even have a physical affect on someone. Studies have shown that the color Red can raise blood pressure and respiration rates.

Are you feeling it?

Here is a short article on how Colors Influence our Mood by Psych Digest


Even a different shades of a color can mean different things and evoke different emotions.
A great example is a client I had that was selling tactical flash lights to military personnel and cops.

On the Cop ad, they used this color for POLICE

Now if they used this color instead for POLICE, you can see that this color blue projects more of an impact and comes across as a authoritative figure, just like a Cop.


So when you are choosing colors for your next advertisement or brand, don’t underestimate the effect or lack of effect color can have on your message.

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