Print Design

Whether it’s print design you need or digital design, it all starts with the same creative process.

Our process and how we work

Start with Baby Steps:

At the beginning of any project, especially if it’s a new client, we take the time to educate ourselves about a client’s company and get to know the client themselves. We want to get a feel for the client’s likes, dislikes and learn what direction the client would like to take his company.

Getting on the same page:

The toughest thing for many creative design firms is the ability to get on the same page with their client. To really understand the client’s needs, ideas and goals, you need to have a process in place, otherwise, projects fail, and the client goes away with nothing to show for the money that was spent.

At our design studio, we have direct communication with all parties that have a decision in the creative venture. We go through a rough brainstorming process that gives us the ability to test some rough ideas on the client without spending too much design time.
We communication through phone, face to face and send video screencast via email, so the client can actually see the work that is being done, rather than reading long emails.

All of this helps us to clearly understand the client’s needs and produces a productive, successful design project.