Naming your Brand

brand-namingA good or bad brand name can be the difference between being noticed and not noticed, which usually converts into a sale or no sale scenario.

When coming up with a brand name, there are many factors to consider.  We go into much more depth than most brand naming professionals.  What I’m revealing below is the start of what we discuss with a client, but this is just a start and will get you thinking about things to consider.

Here are my top reasons for thinking carefully before choosing a brand-name.

Uniqueness: Your brand-name needs to be unique. There are some great names of some great companies that came up with a very unique and almost unusual brand-name. These companies, like Google, Zillow and Fubu, have had great successes, and one of their primary reasons is because of their name.

When a friend tells you about a real estate website that is called Real Estate Finder and then another friend tells you about a real estate website called Zillow, which one do you think is going to stick in a person’s mind and be memorable, Zillow definitely has stronger stickiness.

Be bold and don’t play it safe: I’ve seen many good companies that could’ve been a great company if they weren’t so worried about being too bold. Some companies always worry that they may offend someone with their brand name or their brand name is just too edgy for the average public. I tell clients all the time, I would rather be bold than boring. Playing it safe can be extremely boring and in such a competitive market these days, you can’t afford to be boring.

Don’t use your own name: I’ve have seen so many companies, usually small companies, but I’ve seen some big ones to it too, that will use their own name on a product and sometimes even put a picture of their own face on a product or service. Anything from some old lady putting her face on her salad dressing to a CEO putting his face on his Casino’s Billboard. Now there are some exceptions, especially if you have a unique name, but I usually don’t see any benefit in using your own name on the product or service.

Be Objective and look outside in: When deciding on a brand-name, marketing people, small business owners, and directors get so hung up on their products that they become blind to what the consumer sees. Taking a hard objective look at your product and its potential brand-name can give you much needed insight into the consumers perspective. No matter how great your product is, or how great your story is, the consumer will not buy your product until he or she has an emotional response and is engaged with the product’s name, look, feel. So if you’re launching a new consumer product and trying to look outside in through the consumers eyes, objectivity is a must.

Invest: Lastly, I know that most small business owners are on a tight budget and don’t want to hear this, but if you are going to go through the blood sweat and tears it takes to develop a product or start a business, it would be foolish if you just put a minimal investment into your brand name, visuals and marketing media.

So if you don’t have the money to invest into your brand, I would get a loan or wait until you have the funds to start things off right. In the long term, it will save you money, sales and even your company.

I hope this information has helped and gave you a few things to think about when naming your brand name.


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