Package design mistake #1: Overwrapping

package design mistake #1   Package Design Mistake: Overwrapping Overwrapping is when you extend your label’s visibility beyond the eye sight of the consumer. This happens a lot on round bottles and other curved package designs. Unfortunately, Overwrapping is something I see too much of. Some of the biggest package design mistakes I see has to do with the visibility and readability of a product. This is just one of the many disastrous mistakes I see almost every day. A lot of companies wind up doing things like this because they failed to build a prototype of their product’s packaging and labeling or fail to at least take the time to see how their product will look on a store shelf. Their marketing team or package design company just assumes it will be okay and will be visible and readable to the consumer.

The above illustration is an example of what I see companies doing everyday with their products. You can barely figure out what the product is. You figure what the company and product is only after picking the bottle up and rotating it.

Some package or label designers are so focused on how creative they can be with the branding or visuals of a package design, they don’t asked themselves, “can the person read it”, “can the consumer make it out from 2 to 3 feet away”. These are just some of the starter questions I consider. What kind of environment is the product be displayed in. Will it be in a Walmart, a Mini Mart, a Health Club or a Wholesale club. Will the lighting be very bright or very dark? These are just a few of the many questions that should be asked in trying to see through the consumers eyes and that is what we should be continually striving for when we design a brand a package design.

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