Tough Love your Brand.

tough love brandingHere is some tough love advice I give to all of my clients when it comes to selling a branded product. I’ll use Beer as the product example, but this covers pretty much all products and services businesses.

Let’s say you’re a new Beer company, and you think your Beer is going to be the next hot Amber Ale that hits the market. You’ve had this in development for the past 3 years and have worked extremely hard to finally supply the product. You and your fellow brewers and friends have tried your product and think it’s just wonderful. Unfortunately, regardless of how wonderful you or your friends think your custom brewed product is, to a new consumer that has never tried it, the beer is only as good as its brand and self appeal.  In other words, if you have a great beer but put minimal investment into the brand development, brand positioning, aesthetics and package design, you are not going to show the consumer your true colors.

I compare product branding to a book cover design. If you have a great story, but your book cover doesn’t intrigue anyone to pick it up and open the cover, then you just wasted years of blood, sweat and tears that you invested into your product.

Here are 3 tips, maybe 4, I will leave with you.

1. Be objective as hell!

2. It’s hard but try to look at your product through your consumers’ eyes.

3. You want new consumers to buy your product. The people that already buy your product know your product and could care less what it comes in. You’ve already sold them. Worry about the people you haven’t sold.

4. Keep in mind that the only time I could say your beer sells based on the quality of the product itself, without its branding being present, is possibly when you’re giving away free beer and ladling it down people’s throats.  Unfortunately, you can’t give everyone, that looks at your product, a free sample. This is when your branding comes into play. Your beer’s product branding is your most important salesman for your company. It invokes emotion in the consumer to buy or not to buy. Check my video on Buying on Emotion if you’d like to learn more about that topic.

I’d love to hear your comments or questions.

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