Web Design

Great web design is about engaging the users to continue their exploration on your website with ease and feel welcomed.

If the web design is not aesthetically pleasing, hard to navigate and or is overwhelming with an abundance of redundant information, users will impact your business in a single, “close window”, click.

For instance if you let your teenage daughter, who is going through a Goth phase, answers your front door, chances are whoever is at the door is going to run for the hills and not look back.

I compare great web design and user experience design to fishing.
The look of your home page is your enticing bait and hook. Once the user or fish is hooked, your website navigation is your reel and pole. The amount of information and data you present on a web page is the speed you reel in the fish. Reel the fish in too quickly, the hook rips out of his mouth. Give the user too much overwhelming information, the fish jumps off the hook, because there is too much slack and not enough tension.

It’s that simple. Keep the user interested, slowly, but efficiently feed them information that they can easily digest in chunks, and you have an effective profitable website.